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Mat-Valley Puppies of Alaska

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The animals on this page are in desperate need of adoption. (all of the animals have not been put on this site, due to the number) At this time there is approximately 25 dogs still avail., so please call 746-6804 or 357-6839 to ask about the dogs seen here or other dogs available!
I received a letter and I would like to forward it on to everyone.
Grandmas Dogs are Going to Die.
Due to her collapsing health and finances, her dogs will be turned over to animal control SOON.  The total of 25 dogs are mostly outdoor, medium to large dogs of all personality. Some are good with kids and livestock, some come in sets of 2 or 3 per yard or pen, some are watch or guard dogs, some need a very gentle hand and some are old timers. It seems a shame to waste what little time they may have left. There is also a recreational sled dog team and a nervous genius.
All are mix breeds that are free and they come with their belongings, houses,etc.
You can help: save a dog, pass the word along, or donate a bag of dog food ( Purina Hi Pro, Dog Chow or Pedigree Mealtime Small Bites) Sorry, to be so picky about the brands but we don't want the dogs to get upset stomaches from a change.


This is Lookumout a male Black Lab mix.


This is Zar a male Malamute/Golden Retriever mix.


This is Socks a male Black Lab/ Golden Retriever mix.


This is Bayonett a female mix breed.


This is Tundra a female Rottie mix.


This is Whiner a male Japanese Spitz/Husky mix.