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Mat-Valley Puppies of Alaska

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This is Sara. She is a 3-4 yr old Aussie Shep/Border Collie mix. She has one heck of a story to tell you. Do you have time to listen?

My favorite spot to sleep, next to Moms bed
I will sleep in a dog crate if you would like.

We met Sara about 3 years ago when we rescued her first litter of puppies. She lived under a delapidated house and shared a yard with garbage, junk cars, and other animals. Her name was Scaredy and that she was. She would barley poke her head out to look at you from under her hideaway.  Her owners refused to change her living conditions and refused to let us have her spayed. We rescued 4-5 huge litters from her over the years. All the pups were in bad shape to say the least. One litter was 4-5 months old and completly wild and unsocialized to any human contact. They had been hunting small animals to survive. We were forced to have them put down.

Is that some one coming to see me?
Have you seen my forever home?

Finally about the end of September 2003, we were brought Sara. She was an escape artist and we thought she was a goner. She hung around the neighborhood, was spotted, and trapped in a live trap. So began Scaredy's transformation into Sara.  She has been in a home with other pets and has bonded to her foster mom, Liz. Sara goes outside, off lead, and follows Liz around as she does chores.  This bond was very slow to develop and took many hours of sitting out side of Saras dog house and calmly making friends with her. Scaredy would poke her head out far enough to grab her food bowl and drag it in her dog house to eat in hiding. Sara has been house broke and crate trained as well. She loves to walk on he leash with her head and tail high. She also likes to be brushed and petted. She would sleep in bed with her mom is she was allowed to. Sara is starting to attemp play with the other dogs and her mommy. Sara is submissive and shy but willing to defend her food from the other dogs.

Do you think I can get a belly rub?
Will you rub behind my ears?

On November 4th Sara had her last litter of 11 beautiful puppies. Unlike the previous litters, Sara was inside and had a friend by her side as she delivered her pups.  She also had all the food she could eat through out the pregnancy and while nursing. The puppies also got the start none of her preivious pups did.  Momma was healthy and happy and they got weaned at the proper age and have been around people since birth. Sara is afraid of men and will need some one willing to spend time earning her trust. She loves to go on walks and is starting to try to play with the other dogs in the house with her.  Sara will need  home without cats.  IF YOU THINK YOUR HEART AND LIFE HAS ROOM FOR SARA, GIVE LIZ A CALL AT 357-0162.