Mat-Valley Puppies of Alaska

Last updated on 10-19-04
We are sorry to have to stop rescue services for the time being.  Our 2 main foster homes are having to deal with health issues in our families and we need to focus our attention 100% on this. We hope to be able to rescue again this spring

Mat-Valley Puppies Rescue and Adoption Program is a volunteer, non-profit service for pets. We find homes for many pets from a variety of circumstances. We have many special situations, both physical and emotional. All our pets are adopted out with care, responsibility, and spay/neuter contracts. They are expected to be altered at the appropriate age. Some of the pets are scheduled for euthanasia at Local Animal Shelters. Most come from the general public. The shelters and public have been wonderful in working with us. We also try to help the parents get spayed or neutered so the puppies and kittens won't keep coming. 

Rescued pets are placed in foster homes to provide socialization, evaluate behavior and begin training until permanent homes are found.

The goal of the program is to place rescued animals in life long, loving homes.

We are always in need of foster homes!!!!!
If you are interested in making a donation of dog food, dog runs, exercise pens, collars, bowls, dog houses, playpens, airline kennels, blankets, towels or cash. Please contact me at 

Please spay or neuter your pets !!!!!!!!!!

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Adopt A Friend !!!

Please check back often, I will try to update the site as often as I can. 

We are in desperate need of foster homes. If you are interested in fostering please contact me.