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Mat-Valley Puppies of Alaska

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          LAST UPDATED 1-30-03

We are two big sweet hearts!


These two handsome guys are (top)"Buck" & (bottom) Ears.  They are 4.5 mths old, both male, Newfie/Black Lab mix.  They are very sweet, easy going and are house trained.  For more info. or to meet them please call Monika at 746-4223.


These cute little ones are 11 wk old, Am. Staff. Terrier/lab mix pups.  They are very nice, sweet pups.  For more info. or to meet them please call Cassi at 376-2004.



These two cuties are about 8 wks old, one is a Shar Pei mix and the other is a Shepard mix.  For more info. or to meet them please call Monica745-1649.


These cute little pups are 7 wk old, Amer. Bull Terriers mixes.  They are very sweet and cuddly.  They will only be about knee high.  For more info. or to meet them please call Frances at 357-2940.

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